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Advanced Veterinary Care in Kirkland, Washington

Diagnostic and X-Rays | Kirkland, WA | Evergreen Veterinary Hospital
We pride ourselves on having one of the most technologically advanced veterinary hospitals in the area. Advanced technology, combined with our passion for animals and one-on-one care allows us to provide first-rate care to every pet.

In addition, new technologies such as X-Rays and endoscopy have allowed us to identify and treat problems before they become serious illnesses.

Here are some of the diagnostic options we employ at Evergreen Veterinary Hospital to diagnose and treat pets.


As part of our state of the art technology we offer both digital X-Rays and ultrasounds. Both tools allow us to exam a pet's bones and internal organs to quickly identify and diagnose problems.

In-House Labs

Evergreen Veterinary Hospital has a complete in-house lab that allows us to quickly analyze blood, feces, urine, and tissue samples.


A minimally invasive tool that allows our vets to look inside a pet's body without increased risk posed by surgery. At Evergreen Veterinary Hospital we use endoscopy to explore the stomach and intestines to remove foreign bodies as we well as take biopsies.
Ultrasound | Kirkland, WA | Evergreen Veterinary Hospital
Digital X-Rays | Kirkland, WA | Evergreen Veterinary Hospital


Is a procedure consists of the removal and destroying of small growths on the skin using extremely cold temperatures. Cryosurgery is a minimally invasive procedure that allows for the quick and relatively painless removal of growths for further evaluation.
If your pet is in need of veterinary care, don't hesitate to contact Evergreen Veterinary Hospital for advanced medical care for your pet.